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(Team B)
(Team E)
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==  Team E ==  
==  Team E ==  
#Artamonov, Andrei, aartamonov1
#Artamonov, Andrei, aartamonov1
#Chen, Leiding, ldchen1
#Chen, Leiding, ldchen1(Confirmed)
#Ysnogorodsky, Marina, mysnogorodsky (Confirmed)  
#Ysnogorodsky, Marina, mysnogorodsky (Confirmed)
==  Team G ==  
==  Team G ==  
#Brown Paul pbrown9
#Brown Paul pbrown9

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Initial team assignment for OOP344 C

Recompile (Team A)

  • Li, Mao Hua, mhli4 (dropped oop344)
  1. Pineda, Jose Rainulf Guillen, jrpineda (confirmed member)
  2. Donaldson, Jeshu, jdonaldson4 (confirmed member)
  3. Catibog, Timothy Jordan tjcatibog (confirmed)

Team B

  1. McDonald, Kaitlyn, kmcdonald11 (Confirmed)
  2. Robinson, James, jrobinson7 (Confirmed)
  3. Bogomaz, Oleg, obogomaz (Confirmed)

Team C

Huang, Qinghua Claire, qhuang9

  1. Griffith, John Douglas, jdgriffith (confirmed)
  2. Wu, Ling, lwu11
  3. Tait matthew Robert mrtait1

Team D

Cui, Jingqi, jcui12

  1. Dawson, Michael Grant, mgdawson (confirmed)
  2. Cha Dong Cheol dccha
  3. Lau Justin jlau10
  4. Wong Io Ieong Colbert iiwong1

Team E

  1. Artamonov, Andrei, aartamonov1
  2. Chen, Leiding, ldchen1(Confirmed)
  3. Ysnogorodsky, Marina, mysnogorodsky (Confirmed)

Team G

  1. Brown Paul pbrown9
  2. Wei Song wsong18
  3. Song Heesang hsong23

Team H

Rusu Traian trusu

  1. Karp Dale dkarp (Confirmed member)
  2. Slessarev Daniel dslessarev (Confirmed member)
  3. Hu Carey chu7 (confirmed)

Those Not on List