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== Recompile (Team A) R2==  
== Recompile (Team A) R2==  
*<s>Li, Mao Hua, mhli4 (dropped oop344)</s>
*<s>Li, Mao Hua, mhli4 (dropped oop344)</s>
#Pineda, Jose Rainulf Guillen, jrpineda (confirmed member)
#Donaldson, Jeshu, jdonaldson4 (confirmed member)
#Donaldson, Jeshu, jdonaldson4 (confirmed member)
#Catibog, Timothy Jordan tjcatibog (confirmed)
#Catibog, Timothy Jordan tjcatibog (confirmed)

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Initial team assignment for OOP344 C

Recompile (Team A) R2

  • Li, Mao Hua, mhli4 (dropped oop344)
  1. Donaldson, Jeshu, jdonaldson4 (confirmed member)
  2. Catibog, Timothy Jordan tjcatibog (confirmed)

Team B (R3)

  1. McDonald, Kaitlyn, kmcdonald11 (Confirmed)
  2. Robinson, James, jrobinson7 (Confirmed)
  3. Bogomaz, Oleg, obogomaz (Confirmed)

Team C (R4)

Huang, Qinghua Claire, qhuang9

  1. Griffith, John Douglas, jdgriffith (confirmed)
  2. Wu, Ling, lwu11(confirmed)
  3. Tait matthew Robert mrtait1(confirmed)

Team D (R5)

Cui, Jingqi, jcui12

  1. Dawson, Michael Grant, mgdawson (confirmed)
  2. Cha Dong Cheol dccha
  3. Lau Justin jlau10
  4. Wong Io Ieong Colbert iiwong1

Team E (R6)

  1. Artamonov, Andrei, aartamonov1(Confirmed)
  2. Chen, Leiding, ldchen1(Confirmed)
  3. Ysnogorodsky, Marina, mysnogorodsky (Confirmed)

Team G (R7)

  1. Brown Paul pbrown9(Confirmed)
  2. Song, Wei wsong18(Confirmed)
  3. Song Heesang hsong23 (Confirmed)

team.h (Team H) (R8)

Rusu Traian trusu

  1. Karp Dale dkarp (Confirmed member)
  2. Slessarev Daniel dslessarev (Confirmed member)
  3. Hu Carey chu7 (confirmed)

Those Not on List