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Import sqlite test suite

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Project: Import sqlite test suite

Import sqlite test suite

Project Description

Mozilla uses an embedded version of SQLite extensively to store data such as bookmarks, history, etc. To insure that it runs properly within Mozilla, it would be good to add the entire sqlite test suite to Mozilla's tests, so that testing the browser also means testing sqlite. The sqlite test suite is written in TCL and needs to be ported to JavaScript. Some work has already been done, but more is required to get full test coverage.

Project Leader(s)

Project Contributor(s)

Project Details

Related Bug List

Bug 417037 - mozStorage chokes on databases over AFP

Bug 446118 - Sqlite query "SELECT DISTINCT X FROM Y WHERE X IS NOT NULL" returns invalid result set if X is indexed

Bug 313553 - Move Session Storage to Database

Bug 403377 - add method for creating indices to mozIStorageConnection

Bug 385093 - --enable-storage comments in are misleading

To Do

  • Research
    • Find the default setting of SQLite files, tables, and values on Firefox 3
    • Make a relationship tree that which classes or functions talk with SQLite
    • Run & understand the test program already built in the tests folder
    • SQLite test suite here
    • TCL research here
  • Programming
    • Add new functions that when the firefox runs on test mode, it pops up a new window, and then shows only SQLite's communication parts and result.
      • process
        • Add a new option into .mozconfig
          ac_add_options -enable-SQLitePopUp
        • Bulid
        • Run firefox
          • Open a new window when SQLite is called
          • Display communication between functions and SQLite
  • Testing
    • working and performance tests
    • data testing
    • TCL testing

Project News

Right Now,I am working on

  • SQLite test suite checking ( TCL )

Working History

C:\Documents and Settings\user account name\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\bulid name.default\
 Files: signons.sqlite / search.sqlite / places.sqlite / permissions.sqlite / formhistory.sqlite / downloads.sqlite
        / cookies.sqlite / content-prefs.sqlite
  • 2008/9/23
    • Find a bug that Sequence number’s jumping
      • I am searching that this is a reported bug or not, and when the numbers are jumping and why
        • File Name: places.sqlite
        • Summary: Sequence number is jumping
        • OS: Win XP SP2


  • 2008/9/24
    • Research SQLite bugs & features here
  • 2008/9/25
    • My first testing : showing the test messages when SQLite is connected.
    • it is called over 20 times , when Firefox is just opened.


  • 2008/9/27
    • SQLite Test Suite testing and searching
  • 2008/9/29
    • TCL install and testing
    • SQLite test source ( suite ) code reading on SQLite site
      • only inside "sqlite-3.6.3.tar.gz"(2.2M)
    • Reading ".test" files
  • 2008/10/1
    • SQLite test sample source ( suite ) code reading on Firefox site
      • mozilla/source/storage/test/unit