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* Hasan Kamal-Al-Deen (tardy student, [http://twitter.com/NorthWind87 @NorthWind87])
* Hasan Kamal-Al-Deen (tardy student, [http://twitter.com/NorthWind87 @NorthWind87])
* Matthew Schranz (Student, OSD600, [http://twitter.com/mjschranz @mjschranz])
* Matthew Schranz (Student, OSD600, [http://twitter.com/mjschranz @mjschranz])
* Yevgeniy Ivanchenko (Student, OSD600)
* ''<your name here>''
* ''<your name here>''

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This is a working document for the implementation of the Lock API spec in Mozilla by students in David Humphrey's Mozilla Development class at Seneca College.

Please add, edit, correct, expand, etc. as necessary. This page should contain any links or other info we need.


While the project is primarily meant for students in DPS909/OSD600, feel free to join us if you want to work on things.

  • David Humphrey (lead developer, professor, @humphd)
  • Hasan Kamal-Al-Deen (tardy student, @NorthWind87)
  • Matthew Schranz (Student, OSD600, @mjschranz)
  • Yevgeniy Ivanchenko (Student, OSD600)
  • <your name here>


Development work will be done using a combination of the following:


  1. Clone our repo and build a debug version locally
  2. Get a https://bugzilla.mozilla.org account and CC yourself on the bug.
  3. Set a Watch on this page and the Q/A page so you know when things change.
  4. Break the spec down into an itemized list of things we need to do, tests we need to write, features we have to add, edge cases we have to worry about, demos we need to build, etc. Put the info into this page. We need to know everything we'll have to write and schedule when we'll do each bit.
  5. Blog about your work on this implementation
  6. Add questions/answers to Mouse Lock Implementation FAQ