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iSCSI/AoE Support

Project Description

iSCSI (SCSI over TCP/IP) and AoE (ATA-over-ethernet) are different SAN protocols that can be used on a standard ethernet network.iSCSI did not work reliably in Fedora 12 on ARM systems, but will be needed by future ARM server systems. AoE has not been well-tested on ARM systems.

Goals of this project: (1) iSCSI and AoE need to be tested for stability and performance. (2) The ARM builders, which currently use loopback-mounted filessystems on top of NFS, should be reconfigured to use iSCSI or AoE (whichever is the optimal solution) providing it is faster than the current solution.

Project Leader(s)

  • Pratik Amin

Project Contributor(s)

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Project Details

We are going to be testing the viability, stability and performance of iSCSi and AoE on arm. As of now our very basic understanding/goals of this are to do the testing and based on a move on to the 2nd part of the project which is to move the the current ARM Bulding system over to one of them. We will be talking to our Key Contacts to see where the best place to split the work in the project should be.

Project Plan

Tracking mechanism (bugzilla, trac, github, ...):

Pratik - TBD - May be on a trac environment somewhere, I dont think git would be a great place for something like this as I dont think there would be many scripts that need to be in version control

Key contacts:

Goals for each release and plans for reaching those goals:

Goals for Pratik Amin (Rough)

  • 0.1 Get a AoE Client working on ARM
  • 0.2 Perform Tests to measure stability and performance
  • 0.3 Document testing procedure, results and determine if AoE is viable for us.

To do the testing I am considering using Bonnie++ which is a benchmark suite that is aimed at performing a number of simple tests of hard drive and file system performance, or something similar.


Mailing Lists


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For iSCSI on ARM:

ARM Mailing List

Upsteam Wiki and Web


Source Code Control


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Non-Seneca Participants


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