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int IO_Edit::edit(void){

Once there is an owner which is the outer most frame, the editable fields must be positioned relative to that owner. Two was added to the editable field which took into consideration the frame and the starting of the field. For those persons who might be having difficulty, take a look at it and incorporate it with yourcode.

This belongs to IO_Edit::edit().

   val = io_edit(_str, _owner ? _owner->getTop() + _row + 2 : _row + 1,
     _owner ? _owner->getLeft()+ _col + 2 : _col + 1, _fieldlen, _maxdatalen, _insertmode, &_offset, &_curpos,0);
   val = io_edit(_str, _owner ? _owner->getTop() + _row : _row, 
     _owner ? _owner->getLeft() + _col : _col, _fieldlen, _maxdatalen, _insertmode, &_offset, &_curpos,0);
 return val;


Be reminded that you are free to alter. Very simple but might very well stimulate some ideas which is the objective. Information on vedit and frame will be added soon. Ausley Johnson