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IEAK Setup Documentation To understand how a roll-out took works, I’ve documented the setup for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK).

1) Platform Selection – User may select which platform to roll IE out on. (Options WinXP/Vista, WinXP/Vista x64, Server 03

2) Language Selection

3) Media Selection – Options: CD-ROM, File, Config-Only Package (assumes IE is already installed)

4) Feature Selection – This option allows the administrator to choose which features he/she would like installed with IE

5) Automatic Version Synchronization - Synchronizes build with latest version of IE

6) Custom Components – User is allowed to add up to 5 custom components to be installed with IE

       a.	Components can be selected to be installed before or after installation of IE
       b.	Option to Verify components is included

7) Corporate Options

       a.	Latest Updates – allows user to install latest updates for IE including MS Malicious Software Removal Tool.
       b.	Default Browser – admin can select from either user choice or not default browser
       c.	Disable Uninstall

8) User Experience – Admin can choose from following

       a.	Interactive installation. User can select type of installation, download site (etc). (default option)
       b.	Hands free – User can’t select options but can see install
       c.	Silent – User can’t select options and can’t see install
       d.	Restart options are also included. Ie force restart after install, or prompt. 

9) Browser Customization –

       a.	Browser title bar can be changed
       b.	Home Page
       c.	Tool Bars

10) Search Provider Customization – Admin can import search providers

11) Customize User agent String

12) Connection Manager Customization / Connection Settings

       a.	This includes proxy settings

13) Security and Privacy Settings

       a.	Admin can import Security and zones and privacy settings
       b.	Admin can customize content ratings

14) Program Settings – Admin can set what programs are responsible for opening what documents. Ie email -> outlook

15) Advanced Settings – Admin can change advanced settings of browser.

Creates a custom .exe setup file for users.