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This wiki-page is intended for students studying IBC233. Feel free to contribute anything you want as long as it is relevant to IBC233.

This wiki-page is maintained by students and is intended to be an informal place to share information. Please refer to the course materials or consult your professor regarding specific information related to your course.

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There is an IRC on Freenode where a few Seneca students/iSeries enthusiasts hang out. Just go on to Freenode and join the conversation

  • /join #seneca-ibc233

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On page 6 when you are creating the command source, make sure that you do not allow the characters to exceed column 70. If you go past column 70, it will not be interpreted.

There is a very good resource on the course website reference material link. It's the IBM Manuals. If you are not sure about something, try searching there.

F1 and F4 function keys are our best friends in this course. They can be pressed nearly under any circumstances. Just click on the place you are not sure about, and press them.

Problems 1

Hello friends,

I was working on Lab 8 and unfortunately I was forget to include indicator F3. After running my program i was unable to exit so i exit abnormally and resulting in error while running program next time.

Error No : CPF4131

Thanx in Advance for Solution.


CPF4131 means that your file has changed, so you must recompile your CL or RPG program!

When creating commands, don't forget about the RSTD (Restricted Values) parameter. Using RSTD(*YES) means that only values on the value list can be entered!

Problem 2


As I was attempting to complete lab 8, I ran into an error MCH3601, which means one of my parmaters are not correct. I've double checked my parameters but I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

Lab 9

Lab 10

Remember to test your menu with the userid given in the lab! Options 3 and 6 need a little bit more thought than the others!

I want to be reminded about what you said about the adding another user with *USE authority on the last page of lab 10.

Use the EDTOBJAUT command or the PDM short cut EA. Press F6 and add the user.

Lab 11

Lab 12

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