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This wiki-page is intended for students studying IBC233. Feel free to contribute anything you want as long as it is relevant to IBC233.

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Lab 1

Hello everyone! -Deva

Edit by Paul: Here is a Step by step Guide to connecting to Zeus From Home:

   1. Go to the ACS seneca web page: https://acs.senecac.on.ca/pages/index.php
   2. Go to download / type information that is needed to log in.
   3. Go to the iSeries Link, and Download IBM Client Access Version5 R4 (ISO image file)
   4. Once completed either burn the disc and install that way, or use a free trail version of
      daemon tools, its a little hard to find the download link but it comes with 20days free (I
      choose the lite version.
   5. Once installed go to your start menu and Click IBM iSeries Access for Windows unless you have
      changed it, then go to sublink Emulator, and click start or Configure Session.
   6. One the new window pops up click NEW Session
   7. A window should pop up, their you can click properties and in the first box type: zeus.senecac.on.ca
   8. Now to set your UserID just click thedrop box and choice the 3rd option "Use Default UserId, and prompt
      as needed", then type your userId
      not your learn id, but the userId handed out during class.
   9. Once this is set up you can connect.

In addition to the written instructions above I located this online video for loading the Client Access portion.


IMPORTANT NOTE, Remember your password needs to be in CAPS.

Awesome job Paul! I'm not sure if you're password needs to be in caps - it shouldn't be case sensitive. I type so automatically, that I don't pay attention. Does anyone else have a comment?



Dear all, I experienced a challenge installing the green screen V5R4M0 software on my home computer which runs the Windows home 7 operating system. Ultimately, what worked for me was to install the green screen V5R4M0 software on a virtual machine that was running Windows XP home edition.

Best, Vincent

Trouble with login to ZEUS.

If you have visual studio loaded on you PC the ENTER key does not complete the input to the server. It advances the cursor to the next valid entry input field. This makes it impossible to enter your loginID and password.

The solution is to select the Remap Keyboard Functions icon from the Client Access Window and click on the ENTER key in the image of the QWERTY keyboard. Then in the Change Current Actions for Selected Key area of the same screen change the Base value to [Enter]. That should fix it.

Lab 2

The rdp.iso file which is 937MB contains a version of LAUNCHER.EXE which is not supported on a PC running Win7 or Vista OS. This is according to The IBM website. Down load the version of the RDp.ISO file from acs.senecac.on.ca. It has a file size of 1.18GB. You may have trouble running launcher by double clicking the EXE file. You must have admin rights AND you must right click the EXE file and run as administrator. The program will take about 30 seconds to load when running off a DVD drive.

If you use the RDp.ISO file from the ACS server make sure you use the activation program from the ACS server also, do not be tempted to use an activation file from another source. The activation.ISO file must be transferred to a DVD or CD, you cannot extract it to the hard drive as the text file suggest. The file you need to activate the RDp software is called 'com.ibm.rdpower.rpgtools.pek.jar'.

Lab 3

Lab 4

Original Post: So, i hope i'm putting this in the right area, but does anyone out there understand how to find out or 'prompt' was qiplsts does?

Edit: >> I'm not sure where you would be using QIPLSTS - that is the status of the Initial program load. QIPLTYPE (as indicated on page 9 of lab4 part 1) options can be found by typing the appropriate RTV command Cindy told us in class and pressing F4. Page-down to find QIPLTYPE for the information. Hope this helps.

Reply: It sure did! Thanks! :)

Lab 5

What command does WS provide a shortcut to?? (Page 2 of 12 in LAB 5) BY: ZAKERIA HASSAN

Lab 6

Lab 7

Lab 8

Lab 9

Lab 10

Lab 11

Lab 12


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