How to do a Hello World application using XULRunner

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Note: This page is still under construction


This tutorial is designed for people who have never touched XUL or XULRunner before and allow them to create a Hello World application on XULRunner. This tutorial will guide users in such a way that it will show users how to create their firstapplication without knowing the details.

This guide will also help guide the new pioneers of XULRunner understand XULRunner enough so that they are ready to take on more more complicated applications.

Setting up an application file structure

First set up the application file structure to the following:


For more information about this section please visit the following link: File/Folder Structure

Setting up the application.ini file

The following is a sample application.ini file.

 Name=Hello World Application
 Copyright=Copyright (c) 2006

To find more information about this file, click on the following link: application.ini File

Setting up the chrome.manifest file

For this example, the chrome.manifest file contains the following information:

 content myapp file:content/

To find more information about this file, click on the following link: chrome.manifest File

Setting up the prefs.js file

The following was used for this simple application.

pref("toolkit.defaultChromeURI", "chrome://myapp/content/main.xul");

The pref function needs to be passed in two arguements. In this scenario, this document provided an explaination on what those two arguements are:

  • toolkit.defaultChromeURI is a preferences which allows a simple XULRunner-based application to open a new window
  • chrome://myapp/content/main.xul is the location of the main XUL file.

To find more information about this file, click on the following link: prefs.js File

Creating some XUL

For the simplicity of this application, we're going to create a simple XUL window that says hello world.

Open the file, "main.xul". This file is located in the following location:


Write the following code into the xul file. This code will popup a XUL window with the words "hello word"

  <?xml version="1.0"?>
  <?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://global/skin/" type="text/css"?>

  <window id="main" title="My App" width="300" height="300"
    <caption label="Hello World"/>

Running the application

To run the application by typing

 xulrunner application.ini 

If you have trouble runningt he file, please go to the following link for details of how to run it in your specific operating system, How to run the application

After executing the command, you should get a popup screen like the one below.

XULRunner - My App screenshot.png


Creating a Hello World application on XULRunner isn't a hard task. Writing this application does not require a heavy knowledge of XULRunner but if developers choose to write more complex programs should have a better understanding of XULRunner.

To get started, please take some time to learn about XULRunner. The following link provides a simple yet intuitive guide on XULRunner, XULRunner Guide.