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Mozilla@Seneca Cluster Administration


This project page is for all system and network administration tasks on the Mozilla cluster at Seneca.



None as of yet.


Task Priority Status
Test a Buildbot TryScheduler with MailNotifier. Low Getting errors from CVS. Need to e-mail the mailing list again.
Document all cluster machine tasks. High Ongoing
Create new windows images. Low Waiting for enough things to add to make it worthwhile. So far the following are needed:
  • autoconf
  • ssh
  • wget
Real world IPs for all machines High Waiting on ITT
Investigate high latency on the cluster Low ACS did network upgrades on the cluster. This is tentatively solved.
Create clean images of commonly used machines. Ubuntu, Windows 2003, others? Medium Ubuntu images done. Not sure how to do Windows images yet because of product key issues.
Document the steps involved in making a generic VM. Pre-installed software should be included in this. Medium
Document the steps involved in bringing up a new VM. This should cover configuration changes as well as who needs to be notified. Is there a list of things that ACS needs yet? Medium
Find a better way to give VNC access to VMs. Ideally I want GDM running on a vnc port. Medium Justin is currently looking into this.
Find out why apache doesn't work through the initscripts on linux2 High Sancus set it up originally, going to ask him if he has ideas.

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November 2006

bhearsum 13:16, 15 November 2006 (EST)

  • A redid the Ubuntu server generic image as an edgy install. Along with this I made notes about how to make a generic install. I will be doing an Ubuntu Desktop install shortly, but I'm waiting on Justin's stuff re: VNC.

bhearsum 12:40, 24 November 2006 (EST)

  • The cluster was down for maintenance recently. Some network upgrades were done at that time. Nobody has felt any lag since this happened. The cluster lag is *tentatively* solved.