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Hera Try Server Setup

This is the configuration of the buildbot try server.

Front Node

General OS

  • CentOS 5
  • incron
  • cron
  • perl
  • python
  • mysql with 1 database set up
  • apache configured so that a .cgi/.pl/.py will be run in any directory and the DocumentRoot is writable
  • ssh
  • vnc


This is necessary for the buildslaves inside hera, but also for Seneca developers (e.g., getting code in a lab is slow now) -- so make this accessible (i.e, for Seneca IPs if you don't want it to be public, otherwise make it public. See


  • FTP access to web root.
  • Try-Server web interface requires the REMOTE_USER to be set. We'd like to use .htaccess to manage vs. logins on the box


  • Needs to have port 12345 open to external network. Some of the build slaves will be hosted on the Amazon EC2 service, and will need to access the master on this port. For example, I need to be able to have pointing to the build master.
  • Buildbot custom steps. (Must be in Build Master directory)
  • The master.cfg for Buildbot will be a mixture of these two buildbot-configs (TryServer buildbot-config and Testing buildbot-config) but we will end up having to customise it to our Hera farm


Behind the hera front node we have the vmlinux1 and the win1, one accessed by VMWare and the other by Remote Desktop. These contain the buildbot slave's in these locations:

  • vmlinux1
    • /home/buildslave/slave and /home/buildslave/slave1
  • X server
    • buildbot resides on: /usr/local/bin/buildbot
    • buildslave reside on: /Users/awdelyea/buildbot/slave
  • win1
    •  ?

BuildSlaves' requirements

All Machines

  • Slaves need to be able to communicate to build master on port 12345
  • Slaves need to be able to talk to the Try-Server (i.e., web server) to push finished builds back via scp.
  • Slaves will have to be able to checkout the latest source code, either from the CVS-mirror that we set up or from Mozilla CVS repository

Linux (CentOS 5)

Windows (Server 2003)

  • Windows Server 2003 (or XP if you can't do 2003)
  • Add Python to the system path
  • Get and Build/Install buildbot:
cvs co mozilla/tools/buildbot
cd mozilla/tools/buildbot
python build
python install


  • Need VNC access to start build slave. (Something to do with invalid permissions and ssh when building Mozilla)