General File Structure

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Group Members

  • Mandeep Garg
  • Mike Shitov
  • Bryce

Tests for general file structure

Tests will be divided between good and bad.


TC_001_WEBVTTNoBOM- Webvtt file without optional BOM

TC_002_WEBVTTWithBom - Webvtt file with optional BOM

TC_003_WEBVTTHead - Webvtt file starts with peoper WEBVTT header

TC_004_WEBVTTSpace - Webvtt file can have a space after proper WEBVTT header

TC_005_WEBVTTTab - Webvtt file can have a tab after proper WEBVTT header

TC_007_WEBVTTSpaceText - Webvtt header may be followed by a space and text

TC_008_WEBVTTTabText - Webvtt header may be followed by a tab and text


TC_006_HeaderNoNewLineSeperator - Proper header not followed by a space test

TC_009_TextBeforeWEBVTTHead - random text before the WEBVTT header

TC_010_NewLineBeforeWEBVTT - new line before the WEBVTT header

TC_011_BlankNoBom- Blank with no BOM

TC_012_BlankWithBom - Blank with BOM

Passed tests

Failed tests

Notable points from these tests