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Please add your information to the student list below!

Student List

Insert the following at the end of the table (if you are a student in GPU621/DPS921).

|[[User:WN | FN]] ||LN|| [[PN |GN]] ||SB|| [ ID]

Replace the following with your own information:

  • WN: Your Wiki User name
  • FN: Your First Name
  • LN: Your Last Name
  • PN: Your Group's Project Page Name on the wiki
  • GN: Your Group name
  • SB: Your Subject(example: DPS921)
  • ID: Your email ID (myseneca id)
GPU621/DPS921 - Student List
First Name Last Name Team Name Subject Seneca Id
Chris Szalwinski Team Name DPS921 chris.szalwinski
Oleksandr Zhurbenko Pragmatic GPU621 ozhurbenko
Andy Cooc Team Name GPU621 acooc
Tai Nguyen Team Name DPS921 tnguyen88
Kyle Klerks Mongooses GPU621 kklerks
Vadym Karpenko Pragmatic GPU621 vkarpenko
Yanhao Lei Tsubame GPU621 ylei11
Gregory McMullan Team Name GPU621 gjmcmullan
Colin Paul Halt and Catch Fire DPS921 cpaul12
Kevin Pham Team Name DPS921 kqpham
Eunju Han N/A GPU621 ejhan4
Tom Ng Team Name GPU621 tng23
Dylan Segna Team Name GPU621 dsegna
Saad Toor Team Name GPU621 sstoor3
Mike Doherty GN GPU621 msdoherty
Nick Scherman Spark GPU621 nascherman
Timothy Ngai Team Name DPS921 tcngai
Luv Kapur Team Name DPS921 lkapur
Ahmed Khan N/A DPS921 ajkhan1
Eugueni Antsyferov Team Name GPU621 evantsyferov
Hualiang Xu [[ Cloud 4U ]] GPU621 hxu86
Danylo Medinski NoName DPS921 ddmedinski
Jenis Patel Chapel Programming DPS921 jpatel141
Parth Patel Chapel Programming DPS921 ppatel186