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(Student List)
(Student List)
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|[[User:Jsiu3 | Jacky]] ||Siu|| [[TEAM |TEAM]] ||DPS921|| [mailto:jsiu3@myseneca.ca?subject=DPS921 jsiu3]
|[[User:Jsiu3 | Jacky]] ||Siu|| [[SLEEPy|SLEEPy]] ||DPS921|| [mailto:jsiu3@myseneca.ca?subject=DPS921 jsiu3]
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|[[User:Luong Van Chuong | Luong]] ||Chuong|| [[SleepyHead|SleepyHead]] || DPS921|| [mailto:lvchuong@myseneca.ca?subject=DPS921 lvchuong]
|[[User:Luong Van Chuong | Luong]] ||Chuong|| [[SLEEPy|SLEEPy]] || DPS921|| [mailto:lvchuong@myseneca.ca?subject=DPS921 lvchuong]

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GPU621/DPS921 | Participants | Groups and Projects | Resources | Glossary

Please add your information to the student list below!

Student List

Insert the following at the end of the table (if you are a student in GPU621/DPS921).

|[[User:WN | FN]] ||LN|| [[PN |GN]] ||SB|| [mailto:ID@myseneca.ca?subject=SB ID]

Replace the following with your own information:

  • WN: Your Wiki User name
  • FN: Your First Name
  • LN: Your Last Name
  • PN: Your Group's Project Page Name on the wiki
  • GN: Your Group name
  • SB: Your Subject(example: DPS921)
  • ID: Your email ID (myseneca id)
GPU621/DPS921 - Student List
First Name Last Name Team Name Subject Seneca Id
Chris Szalwinski Team Name DPS921 chris.szalwinski
Woodson Delhia Team Name DPS921 wdelhia
Berwout de Vries Robles T-eaSyPeasy DPS921 bwde-vries-robles
Adrian Sauvageot A Team DPS921 aasauvageot
Taeyang Chung [[]] GPU621 tchung22
John Iannandrea team failure GPU621 jmiannandrea
Colin Campbell team failure GPU621 fillitincolin
Byungho Kim LION GPU621 LeoKim
Yiqi Liu Sparklers DPS921 Yiqi Liu
Chikhlikar Faizan Faizan GPU621 Faizan
Jacky Siu SLEEPy DPS921 jsiu3
Rene Anderson Team Name DPS921 rlanderson
Luong Chuong SLEEPy DPS921 lvchuong