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GPU621/DPS921 | Participants | Groups and Projects | Resources | Glossary

Please add an overview of your group here and create a separate project page for your group!

Project Rules

  1. Use the Group page for a Journal of your activities throughout the course of the project
  2. Project should cover material that differ from the material on the course web site
  3. Presentation can be in powerpoint or walkthru the group project page
  4. Link to the project page should be on the Participants table
  5. Presentation slots are first come first served
  6. Attendance at all presentations is mandatory - marks will be deducted for absenteeism
  7. Marks will be awarded for both Group Wiki page and for the Presentation

Sample Projects (Former Students)

  1. Winter 2016 semester
  2. Fall 2016 semester

Suggested Projects (each * denotes one group that has claimed this topic)

  1. Intel Parallel Studio Advisor - [Intel Site]
  2. Intel Parallel Studio Inspector - [Intel Site]
  3. Intel Parallel Studio vTune Amplifier - [Intel Site]
  4. Intel Math Kernel Library* - [Intel Site]
  5. Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library - [Intel Site]
  6. Totalview Debugger - [Get Student License]
  7. OpenMP Debugging in Visual Studio - [MSDN Notes] *
  8. Debugging Threads in Intel Parallel Studio - [Dr Dobbs Article]
  9. Analyzing False Sharing - [Herb Sutter's Article]
  10. The Chapel Programming Language - [Chapel Site]
  11. Apache's Spark - [Spark Site]
  12. OpenMP Profiler - [ompP]
  13. C++11 Threads Library Comparison to OpenMP - Case Studies*
  14. C++11 STL Comparison to TBB - Case Studies*

Group and Project Index

You can find a sample project page template here

Sample Project

Project Title here

  1. Chris Szalwinski
  2. Fardad Soleimanloo
  3. eMail All

Team Hortons

Parallelization of the C++ Standard Library: STL, MCSTL, and C++17

  1. Henrique Salvadori Coelho
  2. Olga Belavina

You're Gonna Love It ;)

Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library

Group Members

  1. Joseph Pildush
  2. Rosario Cali



Game of Threads

C++11 Threads Library Comparison to OpenMP - Case Studies

  1. Martin Ristov
  2. Van Chau Bui
  3. Joshua Longhi

Team MMD

Intel Math Kernel Library

Group Members

  1. Daniel Chang
  2. Mattew Nguyen
  3. Marko Radmanovic
  4. eMail All

Team Debug

OpenMP Debugging in Visual Studio

  1. Sofia Ngo-Trong
  2. Azusa Shimazaki
  3. eMail All

Team Go

Go Programming Language

  1. Suhaib Saqib
  2. Roana Almira
  3. Liam Newell
  4. eMail All

Team NP Complete

Quantum Tunneling Simulation

  1. Cassandra Laffan
  2. Jinnah Ali-Clarke
  3. eMail All

Team False Sharing

Analyzing False Sharing

  1. Harika Naidu
  2. Mithilan Sivanesan
  3. eMail All

Team Darth Vector

(Tentatively) C++11 STL Comparison to TBB - Case Studies

  1. Alistair Godwin
  2. Leonel Jara
  3. Giorgi Osadze

Presentation Schedule

Team Name Date and Time
Project Name Here December 15 11:40
Game of Threads December 15 12:00
Team MMD December 15 12:20
Team MMD December 15 12:40
You're Gonna Love it December 15 13:00
Team Hortons December 18 13:30
Team Debug December 18 13:50
Team Go December 18 14:10
Team NP Complete December 18 14:30
Alpha Centauri December 18 14:50
Darth Vector December 22 11:40
Team False Sharing December 22 12:00
December 22 12:20