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GPU610/DPS915 Teams 20123

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Team and Project Index

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Zombie Panda Breeders

RSA Key Generator

  1. Andrei Kopytov

Mutation Simulator

  1. Zack Bloom

Lightning Adventures

Undecided Project

  1. James Boelen
  2. Raymond Hung

Fluorescent Monte Carlo - Simulation of fluoresence in scattering medium

  1. Stanley Tsang

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Parallel Linear Programmers

Application of Parallel Computing in Linear Programming Problems

  1. Amir Mobasseri
  2. Michael Dawson


  1. Ivan Shibanov


  1. Santiago Munoz

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Assorted Algorithm Alliteration

Assorted Algorithms

  1. Mark de la Cruz
  2. Edwin Lim
  3. Michael Afidchao
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Wiki Wiki Wiki Wild Wild West


  1. Dale Karp
  2. Dylan Potter (Cait)
  3. Interested in joining? Send me an email!
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Moscow 5

KenKen Solver

  1. Jude Fernandez
  2. Jordan Kirkham
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Ackermann's Function Manipulation

  1. Nikita Kuznetsov
  2. Randl Morales

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Sorting Algorithm

  1. Suventhan Krishnamoorthy

The Higgs

hash decrypt


  1. Diogo Monteiro
  2. Simon De Almeida

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