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(Student List)
(Student List)
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|[[User:Colin Campbell | Colin]] ||Campbell|| [[PageName |groupName]] ||GPU610|| [mailto:cjcampbell2@myseneca.ca?subject=GPU610 cjcampbell2]
|[[User:Colin Campbell | Colin]] ||Campbell|| [[PageName |PageName ]] ||GPU610|| [mailto:cjcampbell2@myseneca.ca?subject=GPU610 cjcampbell2]

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GPU610/DPS915 | Student List | Group and Project Index | Student Resources | Glossary

Please add your information to the student list below!

Student List

Insert the following at the end of the table (if you are a student in GPU610/DPS915).

|[[User:WN | FN]] ||LN|| [[PN |GN]] ||SB|| [mailto:ID@myseneca.ca?subject=SB ID]

Replace the following with your own information:

  • WN: Your Wiki User name
  • FN: Your First Name
  • LN: Your Last Name
  • PN: Your Group's Project Page Name on the wiki
  • GN: Your Group name
  • SB: Your Subject(example: GPU610)
  • ID: Your email ID (myseneca id)

GPU610/DPS915 - Student List
First Name Last Name Team Name Subject Seneca Id
Chris Szalwinski Team Name GPU610 chris.szalwinski
Manjot Sandhu C U D A B O Y S DPS915 mssandhu12
Oleg Eustace C U D A B O Y S DPS915 oeustace
Johny Ragimov C U D A B O Y S DPS915 jragimov
Yehoshua Ghitis /dev/null GPU610 yjghitisduque
Boris Bershadsky /dev/null GPU610 bbershadsky
Ryan Mullings Team Kappa GPU610 romullings
Andy Cooc Team Kappa GPU610 acooc
Erquan Bi groupName GPU610 ebi
Colin Campbell PageName GPU610 cjcampbell2