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Please add your information to the student list below!

Student List

Insert the following at the end of the table (if you are a student in GPU610/DPS915).

|[[User:WN | FN]] ||LN|| [[PN |GN]] ||SB|| [ ID]

Replace the following with your own information:

  • WN: Your Wiki User name
  • FN: Your First Name
  • LN: Your Last Name
  • PN: Your Group's Project Page Name on the wiki
  • GN: Your Group name
  • SB: Your Subject(example: GPU610)
  • ID: Your email ID (myseneca id)

GPU610/DPS915 - Student List
First Name Last Name Team Name Subject Seneca Id
Chris Szalwinski Team Name GPU610 chris.szalwinski
Muhammad Muhammad Ahsan N/A DPS915 mahsan3
Nitin Prakash Panicker N/a DPS915 nprakashpanicker
Clinton Bale Team Name GAM610 cfbale
Jesse Santos Team Name GAM610 jsantos13
Neil Guzman Team Name DPS915 nbguzman
Roman Hotin Team Name DPS915 rhotin
Justin Robinson TBA GPU610 jtrobins
Alex Craig N/A DPS915 acraig1
Shayan Zafar Ahmad TBD DPS915 szahmad
Leo Vernileo Turalba Team Name GPU610 vturalba
Mohamed Baig Team Name DPS915 mbbaig
Robert Stanica TBA GPU610 rwstanica
Chad Pilkey TBA GPU610 capilkey
Dylan Segna TBA GPU610 dsegna