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GPU610/DPS915 | Student List | Group and Project Index | Student Resources | Glossary

Please add an overview of your group here and create a separate project page for your group!

Project Rules

  1. Use the Group page for a Journal of your activities throughout the course of the project
  2. Project should cover material that differ from the material on the course web site
  3. Presentation can be in powerpoint or walkthru the group project page
  4. Link to the project page should be on the Participants table
  5. Presentation slots are first come first served
  6. Attendance at all presentations is mandatory - marks will be deducted for absenteeism
  7. Marks will be awarded for both Group Wiki page and for the Presentation

Sample Projects (Former Students)

  1. Fall 2015 semester

Suggested Projects (each * denotes one group that has claimed this topic)

Group and Project Index

You can find a sample project page template here

Project Name

Project Title

  1. Chris Szalwinski
  2. eMail All