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GPU610/DPS915 | Student List | Group and Project Index | Student Resources | Glossary

Please add an overview of your group here and create a separate project page for your group!

Group and Project Index

You can find a sample project page template here


  1. Adrian Sauvageot
  2. Andriy Guzenko
  3. Arsalan Khalid

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  1. Bruno Di Giuseppe
  2. Carlos Silva

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  1. Chiyoung Choi

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Project Name

  1. Wesley Hamilton
  2. Norbert Curiciac
  3. Rene Leon Anderson

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Team KCM

Project Name

  1. Byungho Kim
  2. Taeyang Chung
  3. SeungYeon Moon

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Project Name

  1. Benjamin Snively
  2. Brad Hoover
  3. Bailint Czunyi

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Team AGC

1D Wave Equation

  1. Andy Cooc, Some responsibility
  2. Gabriel Castro, Some other responsibility
  3. Christopher Markieta, Some other responsibility

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Team HCE

MD5's Last Stand

  1. Brendan Henderson

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Calculations of Pi

  1. Tony Yu

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Ray Tracer

  1. Michael Wang
  2. Bruno Pereira

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Presentation Schedule

Team Name Date and Time
Team HCE Tuesday 9:00
Team Hu3 Tuesday 9:15
Team KCM Tuesday 9:30
Team Eh Thursday 8:00
Team C Thursday 8:15
Group AAA Thursday 8:30
CodeKirin Thursday 8:45
Group CodeCookers Thursday 9:00
SkyNet Thursday 9:15
TeamAGC Thursday 9:30