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This page is to give a brief guideline of how to use github for OOP344 or other school projects.

Command line or GUI Tools

Please use any of the Tools you are more comfortable to work with git. There are several GUI interfaces that may make working with git easier for you. here are few examples: (feel free to add more if you know of any):


Teams and their Repository

Logging to your github account you will notice that you are now member of a team that carries a similar name to your team name. Also you have full access to a repository with the same name.

Clone the repository

The first step is to clone the project repository, since it contains the initial files to start the project.

git clone

REPONAME is the name of the project repository on github

Assign the issues

  1. check the Issues on The CIO Framework page and assign each of them to two members, one for development and another for code review and pulling the code back to master repository
  2. list all the issues in your team page that is built based on the team page template.
  3. create the issues on github assigning them to the team members
    It is recommended to create a milestone and attach /assign it to the issue for follow up

Branch the master repository

  1. Each team member now branches the master repository under a relative name to the issue she/he is working on.
    git branch IssueNameOrID
  2. switch your repository to the branch created
    git checkout IssueNameOrID
    Start your work and do the first add and/or commit
  3. push the branch back to github
    git push --set-upstream origin IssueNameOrID


Work on the issue

  1. Never work on the master branch.
  2. Start working on the issue in the branch related to the issue committing regularly
  3. Push the changes to the branch back to github constantly to share.
    By doing this you can discuss your code and problems with your professor and team members and also demonstrate your work habits.

Pull request

  1. push final changes to github
  2. when task is completed create a pull request to merge back the branch to the master repository.
  3. assign the pull request to the team member responsible for code review

Review the code

This is done by the student assigned to review this code

  1. Review the code and make sure it is proper and is working as defined in the issue.
  2. Share your concerns with your team-mates through the discussion board, attached to the issue/pull request.
  3. If there is problem, ask the person who wrote the code to revise and correct the mistakes

Merge the code back to master repository

  1. when ready, merge the branch back to the master branch
    1. Switch back to master
      git checkout master
    2. make sure to pull all changed to your master from the server before merging
    3. merge
      git merge IssueNameOrID
  2. resolve possible conflicts
  3. test the master repository one last time
  4. push changes back to github
  5. close the pull request.

Links by DH, about problems when setting up SSH Key and cloning.

Pull the new changes to Local master repositories

Now all the team members call pull the changes into their local master repositories and branch for the next issue