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(Student List for Winter of 2012)
(Student List for Winter of 2012)
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|[[User:rjmorales1 | Randl]]||Morales||[Team Randl]||Terrain Generation||DPS905||[mailto:rjmorales1@learn.senecac.on.ca rjmorales1]||[[Special:Contributions/rjmorales1|rjmorales1]]|||| ||
|[[User:rjmorales1 | Randl]]||Morales||WIN||Terrain Generation||DPS905||[mailto:rjmorales1@learn.senecac.on.ca rjmorales1]||[[Special:Contributions/rjmorales1|rjmorales1]]|||| ||
|[[User:jmillar2 | Jeremy]]||Millar||[WIN]||Terrain Generation||DPS905||[mailto:jmillar21@learn.senecac.on.ca jmillar2]||[[Special:Contributions/jmillar2|jmillar2]]|||| ||
|[[User:jmillar2 | Jeremy]]||Millar||WIN||Terrain Generation||DPS905||[mailto:jmillar21@learn.senecac.on.ca jmillar2]||[[Special:Contributions/jmillar2|jmillar2]]|||| ||

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Student List for Winter of 2012

Please update or add your information to the student list table below (if you are a student in GAM670/DPS905, Winter of 2012).
If your information is incomplete or inaccurate, marks will be deducted.

GAM670/DPS905 - Winter of 2012 student list
First Name Last Name Team Name Feature Subject Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL Repository
Chris Szalwinski My Team's Name Lighting GAM670 chris.szalwinski Chris_Szalwinski [dpsgam]
Sean Tracy [C Minor] Particle Systems GAM670 sftracy sftracy
Nick Mirabella [C Minor] DirectX (.X) Animation DPS905 nmirabella nmirabella
John Hanna [C Minor] Oct Trees GAM670 jhanna6 jhanna6 jhanna6
Grace Batumbya ... Quaternions (?) DPS905 gsbatumb gbatumbya bgrace http://gbatumbya.wordpress.com
Randl Morales WIN Terrain Generation DPS905 rjmorales1 rjmorales1
Jeremy Millar WIN Terrain Generation DPS905 jmillar2 jmillar2