GAM670/DPS905 Student List 20111

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Student List for Winter of 2011

Please update or add your information to the student list table below (if you are a student in GAM670/DPS905, Winter of 2011).
If your information is incomplete, your assignments will not be marked.

GAM670/DPS905 - Winter of 2011 student list
First Name Last Name Team Name Subject Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL Repository
David Perit Hic Sunt Dracones GAM670 drperit dperit dperit
Andrew Condinho Team Blam GAM670 ajcondinho ajcondinho Dueraim Andrew's Blog
Joseph Hughes Team Mutalisk GAM670 jphughes CloudScorpion CloudScorpion Cloud's Blog
Damien Mcgrath Team Zombie GAM670 dmmcgrath dmmcgrath Vandesdelca N/A
Qing Feng Team Zombie GAM670 qfeng5 qfeng5 Ryojin N/A
Jordan Raffoul Cerebral Thought DPS905 jbraffoul jbraffoul phez None
Dan Ventura SheetBrix Robotix GAM670 dsventura dsventura danman N/A 5
Kaitlyn Callow Hic Sunt Dracones DPS905 dacallow dacallow Kait85 Kaitlyn's Rambling Ramblings
Daniel Hodgin Hic Sunt Dracones DPS905 dhhodgin dhhodgin dhodgin Blog/Website
Richard Eyre Cerebral Thought DPS905 Richard Eyre errichard epsilon None
Andrei Kopytov Team GG DPS905 Andrei Kopytov akopytov akopytov N/A
Sasha Atijas Slap Your Grandma GAM670 Email Satijas Sash0400 N/A
Brad McKie GG DPS905 Brad McKie BradMc B-Rad None
Jon Buckley Team Hic Sunt Dracones DPS905 Jon Buckley jrbuckley jrbuckley N/A
Randl Morales Team Copycat DPS905 Randl Morales rjmorales1 rjmorales1 N/A
Denny Papagiannidis Slap Your Grandma GAM670 dpapagia dpapagia dennyp Denny's Blog
Hasan Kamal-Al-Deen Team Mutalisk GAM670 hkamal-al-deen northWind87 northWind The Orbital Station