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Team Memebers

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GAM666 - Team Members
First Name Last Name Team Name Subject Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Ali Samimi Wild Sparrows GAM666 asamimi asamimi asa_ The Door
Kijeong Kim Wild Sparrows GAM666 kjkim kjkim TonyKim Blog
Shengwei Wang Wild Sparrows GAM666 swang94 shengwei shengwei Shengwei's blog
Xiongwen LU Wild Sparrows GAM666 xlu44 xlu44 xlu44 BLOG FOR GAM666

Due dates

Proposal outline and team members selected September 21
Proposal completed and members roles selected September 28
Research into game requirements begins September 29
Approval meeting with instructor Weeks of October 3 and October 10
Draft game submission and project review November 16
Final game presentation December 7


Multiplayer 3D Tetris

The game is a classic Tetris with 3D view and functionality. The screen has different sizes. The minimum of screen size is of 3x3x10 and the maximum size is 7x7x20.The game has different levels and every level is different difficulty. It supports keyboard and mouse. With keyboard, players control blocks. And players can rotate in different directions in the3D space. The 3D blocks can move in the surface while they are falling to ground. With mouse, we change the view angle of our game. And user can see from every angle. The game is a multiplayer game, so two people can compete. If a player destroys one layer, another player will get one layer. Game will be finished when one user doesn’t have any more layers and all of them are full. If a layer filled will blocks, the layer will be destroyed. Destroying will be with sound. When a block riches ground or hit another block it will be stop and another block will come from top. User can have a preview of next block. All blocks are 3D and they will be generated randomly. For multiplayer all blocks are the same for all players. All the players can see other player’s page.

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Team: Wild Sparrows

Members: Ali Samimi, Shengwei Wang, Xiongwen Lu, Kijeong Kim

Map of the World of the Game

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