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Game: Sophie Slithers


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Trunk Status

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Team Members

  1. Christopher Cheung, level generation
  2. Sean Tracy object and video design, countdown, and score system.
  3. Jason Quan Sound effects and music
  4. Nick Mirabella OBJ model loading
  5. John Hanna Controls, movement, and collision

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Our team, C Major, proposes to create a video game that is a 3d variation of snake. This snake could either move around in 2 dimensions or 3 dimensions, but for now we will focus on getting the snake to move around in 2 dimensions, and perhaps move it to 3 dimensions later on. The snake could have blocks for placeholders to represent its head and body segments, and could later be replaced with a snake model represented by a head, body segments and possibly a tail segment. As in any snake game, there will be items that will pop up on the screen, that snake needs to eat, and if he eats them, he will grow longer, and get faster. If his head bumps into himself or his head bumps into a wall or the edge of the screen, it will die. Some of the items for the snake to eat will move about randomly. For example, there could be spiders and slugs that move around randomly. The slugs will probably move slower then the spiders. When the snake runs into an item it gets so many points depending on the item. The goal is to get the highest score.

Map of the World of the Game

Instructor's Comments

  • need your grade breakdown

Meeting Notes

  • identified areas of focus
    • static map holds most of the information
      • can be updated randomly
    • snake motion
    • object importing from 3ds
    • sound
      • around corners
  • notes to remember
    • use many tiles for proper lighting
    • keep collision either axis aligned or tile-based

Pre-Meeting Notes

  • no map
  • there is no detail plan here - just a general concept
  • you need a team leader to push this plan forward
  • it is too difficult for me to comment on a general concept if you don't provide more detail
  • try the following approach
    • take the framework and start to discuss how to modify it in the direction of your concept
      • as soon as you start this discussion a whole series of questions will arise
      • you will need to assign different tasks to different members in such a way as not to create dependencies
      • you will identify questions for me to answer

Any other thing you find necessary