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Game Name Goes here

Project Marking Percentage

Group work:      40%        (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work: 60% +      (50 <= xx <= 75) 
Total           100%


Repo path


Trunk Status

committed by Carl


We will control our own branches off the project trunk. There you will implement your new code in a bug free environment. Code will then be submitted to trunk bug free, and all branches will be updated to trunk revision. Teammates are not required to use IRC, but the tool is there for team contact and help from others.

Meeting Goals


When: 13:30 Where: Quiet Study Area

  • Occasional
  • Rollback trunk if bugs exist, update branches, re-evaluate goals
  • Team collaboration and work time also teacher help time


When: 9:50 (after GAM666) Where: Quiet Study Area

  • Mandatory
  • Evaluate goals from last week (not meet/exceed) Why? Why not? Can we maintain pace?
  • Define goals for this week
  • Review code and playtest before trunk submission
  • Update branches to trunk revision

Project Goals


  • Sasha & Denny work to create a world this will be a hallway for now
  • Carl & Dave: create custom objects, camera viewpoint around actor, finalize jump, custom start menu


  • v0.0.1:

- Setup repo with Controller

  • v0.0.2:

- Create wall

- Create actor

  • v0.0.3:

- Create starting menu

- Add custom objects

- Create movement in actor and jump
- Actor can "barrel roll" mid jump

  • v0.0.4:

- Camera orientation around actor

- Implement collision detection with actor and world

  • v0.0.5:

- Add physics and collision to boulder

- Boulder death touch

  • v0.0.6:

- Enhance starting menu

- Create transparent mini-map

  • v0.0.7:

- Add complexity to world(length and obstacles

- Add actor(s) 3DSMAX textures

  • v0.0.8:

- Enhance playability

- Finalize minimap, camera angle

  • v0.0.9:

- Finalize menu system and playability

  • v0.1:

- Working framework for game

Team Members

  1. David Seifried, Some responsibility
  2. Carl Desautels, Some other responsibility
  3. Denny Papagiannidis, Some other responsibility
  4. Sasha Atijas, Some other responsibility


Team Slap Your Grandmas vision is to create a game with an obstacle course. This course will consist of sharp turns, gaps and environment to dodge or go around. The game will be a time challenge a player will control a character that is running away from a boulder down a series of slopes. There will be a linear path as the slope will have walls directing both the player and the boulder.

The game play experience is visioned as though the boulder will move at a consistent speed and will span the whole width of the hill/hallway. The camera will be facing the front of the character, seeing him run down the hill with the boulder behind him. The character will move forward, backward, and side to side to navigate down the course. You will be forced to react fast as on coming vision is limited, jumping over gaps and dodging obstacles becomes much harder as game speed increases.

Once the player reaches the end of the course, the game is over. However if the player gets hit by the boulder or lethal area of the terran, the player dies and must start the level again.

Map of the World of the Game


Fig 1

  • 1a - Boulder moves throughout level at constant speed following character.
  • 1b - Pits in floor player must jump over. If the player lands in the pit, they die.
  • 1c - The player (taking the form of an elderly woman)
  • 1d - Spiked pillar moving on x,y coordinates. Player must navigate around them.
  • 1e - Boxes, rocks, debris of sorts that the player must jump over to avoid becoming stuck. These obstacles wont harm the player, only slow them down.


Fig 2

The level itself will be a sloped hill that the player will be running down

Fig 3

As the players proceeds further into the level, the amount of obstacles will increase towards the finish.

Moderator's - Instructors Comments

Any other thing you find necessary

Meeting 1 Notes

  • There is room for depth
  • We could start by making a box that can jump which will eventually become the player
  • Alter the original course design from a curved path to intersecting linear paths (see Figure 4)
    • Map 2.jpg
  • Each team member should choose an object to model
  • Coordinates should be added to the level
  • Collision detection could cause problems
    • need to simplify collision detection e.g. encircle a complicated shape, use straight, rather than, curved walls
    • once the view passes a scene, the game doesn't have to process collision detection for that scene anymore
  • Think about HUD
    • Top down view overlay
    • Status bar
  • Divide responsibilities so that one team member's work is not dependent on an others.
    • two members could work on walls, while other two work on getting a box to jump

Meeting 2 Notes

  • We need to implement collision
  • We need to have a minimap in our game
  • We need to add textures for our objects
  • We need to have models
  • We need to improve on lighting
  • We need to have our sounds and music
  • We might implement DirectInput