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Shoot First, Ask Later

Project Marking Percentage

Group work:      50%   
Individual work: 50% + 
Total           100%


Repo ID

Trunk Status

committed by [NAME] / being committed by [NAME]

Team Members' Emails

  1. Anil Dyial Santokhi
  2. Dwayne Edwards
  3. Kalid Mohamed Mahmud
  4. Sean Andrew Feanny
  5. Email All


We, the Repo Men, have decided to create a three dimensional shooter in space. The objective of the game will be to clear each level as gracefully as possible. The user's score will be tabulated and saved. The game itself will have a variety of power-ups some of which will increase movement speed or increase the range of the shots, even the power. The actual number of power-ups and their implementation will vary based on the time we have left. The priority will be placed on control, level design and clearing objectives. The stage will end when the user has progressed far enough. Some stages' objective may slaying a certain number of enemies, while others may have the user run out the clock. We feel that this variety in gameplay can be achieved in the time we have.

Individual Roles


  • Testimg & debugging


  • Texture and modeling importation/Cordination


  • TBA


  • TBA

Minimum requirements

  • Clear all enemies objective
  • Survive the clock objective
  • Avoid getting hit objective
  • Different enemies
  • 3 Levels
  • Implementation of a high score system
  • Inclusion of multiple lives (or ways to continue after being hit)

Extras(should time remain)

  • Multiple power ups
  • Endless mode - surviving the onslaught on enemies for a high score
  • Time Attack - How fast can the user clear a level?
  • More levels
  • Multiple bosses



We intend to have group meetings on a weekly basis to facilitate our ideas and discuss progress.

Map of the World of the Game