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Game: Goose Hunt 3D

Project Marking Percentage

Group work:      50%     
Individual work: 50% +   
Total           100%


Repo ID: svn://

Trunk Status:

Team Members

  1. Noah Gitalis, Responsibility goes here.
  2. Chris Gosselin,
  3. James Robinson,
  4. Kaitlyn Mcdonald,
  5. Artur Shinkevich,

Email All


We will be making a first person shooter, essentially this game will be a 3D remake of the classic Duck Hunt for the NES.
The purpose of the game is to hunt down and shoot flying Geese in X amount of time (will be tuned as we see fit.) and with X number of bullets (also subject to tuning).
Once they have been shot they will turn into coins that float to the ground, which the player will then have to collect for points.

As You Progress Through The Levels:

  • The Geese will become more erratic and harder to shoot, also faster.


Topview.png The outskirts of the map are created so as to have a place to create the geese where the player won't just see them appear. The hunting grounds will have walls going up very high made out of brick or something of that sort. We will add an artificial sky above. Where the geese come out of is a gate like object that will open, release the geese, then close again.
Playing.png This is an example of what the user will see when playing the game. There will also be a gun that you'll be holding that you'll see in a way that's standard to most fps.


The game controls will follow the normal first person shooter spec.
W: Forwards
S: Backwards
A: Strafe Left
D: Strafe Right
Mouse: Camera
Mouse 1: Fire


  • Animations and Models.
  • Accurate Collision.
  • Fast paced and fun game-play that stays true to its roots.

Instructor's Comments

  • definition and allocation of tasks - maintain as low coupling as possible
- Design
- Collision
- Duck Movement and AI
- Gun Tracers
- Menus
- ?
- Pure Awesomeness
  • sound effects
TBD after game "framework" is complete.
  • lighting considerations - spotlights and triangles
No spotlights.
  • discuss collision - sphere and axis-aligned
Sphere aligned collision to start, once we have the basic "framework" of the game down pat we can add complex things like advanced collision.
Bullets will be done as a trace (tracer for the projectile, no actual projectile seen or modelled)
  • modelling work - what kind of models - importing?
Basic cube models until the game "framework" is complete.
  • what kind of animation - may encounter difficulties in incorporating - needs to be thought through
Animation needs to be thought out?
  • heads up display details
We will have to make mock-ups (I would like to do this - Noah)

Previous comments

  • need your grade breakdown - group - individual --> (done)
  • no meeting scheduled as yet --> (will email group)
  • no map --> (done draft)
  • I can only assume that you know what you are doing and don't need any guidance --> (we already met and planned this as a group)
  • nothing on the repository yet --> (added basic repo structure, and uploaded framework/resources to trunk)