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Goose Hunt 3D


Repo ID: svn://

Trunk Status:

Team Members

  1. Noah Gitalis, Responsibility goes here.
  2. Chris Gosselin,
  3. James Robinson,
  4. Kaitlyn Mcdonald,
  5. Artur Shinkevich,

Email All


We will be making a first person shooter, it will basically be a 3D remake of the classic game Duck Hunt. The purpose of the game is to hunt down and shoot the geese in X amount of time and with X of bullets. Once they have been shot they will fall to the ground and turn into coins, which the player will then have to collect for points. The geese will have a random flight pattern and as the levels go on the harder it will be to shoot them.


Instructors Comments

  • need your grade breakdown - group - individual
  • no meeting scheduled as yet
  • no map
  • I can only assume that you know what you are doing and don't need any guidance
  • nothing on the repository yet