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GAM666/DPS901 Mesocricetus

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Project Marking Percentage

Group work:      50% 
Individual work: 50% +    
Total           100%


Repo ID

Trunk Status

committed by [NAME] / being committed by [NAME]

Team Members

  1. Scott Downe
  2. Grace Simon Batumbya

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We imagine building a 3D maze solving game. The player must successful navigate through the maze. The player will take the first person perspective of a hamster, playing the role of a laboratory rat hamster. The hamster will be equipped with a mining helmet complete with mining light.


User controllers

The keyboard will be used for both navigation and other actions like jumping. The mouse will be used to change the direction the player's camera faces.


When the character jumps, they will be able to see over the wall and kind of get an overhead view of the maze they are navigating.


As the player navigates through the maze, light from their mining helmet will fall on objects that the player is facing. Different areas of the maze will be lit differently with lights on the wall and shadows being cast appropriately

Breadcrumbs (markers)

As the player navigates through the maze, they will have an option to leave a trial of breadcrumbs (markers) that can be used to retrace their movement in the maze. cast as expected.

Sound /3D Sound

Movement of the player will produce a sound that will be in time with the speed at which the player is navigating through the maze. The game will also make use of 3D sound for directional sound. For example if an object behind the player moves, the generated sound will appear to come from behind.


There will be obstacles in the maze that the player must avoid in order to successful beat the maze. Some these may be a hand that picks the user up and moves them to the start position, holes in the floor that the user must jump, booby traps in the floor /walls, etc.


Map of the World of the Game


Golden Hamster


To-Do List

Priority 1

Task Status Notes
Maze generation / rendering Generate maze on X-Y axis only
Collision Add collision with floor and wall
Walls and lighting Use shadersFloor and wall should be composed of many triangles
Obstacles Use very basic shapes. Use a bounding sphere
Models Import models for the obstacles

Priority 2

Task Status Notes
visibility frustum logic Add logic to framework to only render what the camera sees
Improve on 3D sound Add echoes i.e. collision with objects


Maze 1.0

Instructor's Comments

  • for lighting to be realistic without using shaders the walls and floor should be composed of many rectangles
  • visibility frustum logic would be quite useful here
  • there is potential here for elaborate work with 3D sound
  • shadows would be difficult to implement without shaders
  • you will need either models of the various object or elaborate textures
    • if you use models then you will need logic to import them into the framework
  • heads up display needs thinking

Any other thing you find necessary