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(Instructors Comments)
(Instructors Comments)
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== Instructors Comments ==
== Instructor's Comments ==
* add eMail all to this page
* add eMail all to this page
* need your grade breakdown
* need your grade breakdown

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K & J

Best Exciting Jumping Game


Repo ID:

Trunk Status:

Team Members

  1. Kasang Gyurmey, N/A
  2. Jonathan Cheung, N/A
  3. Tony Yu, N/A


The completed game will be a 3D platformer in which the player attempts to reach the level’s end point by jumping onto terrain blocks while avoiding obstacles. Contact with obstacles, such as moving enemies or stationary traps, will result in elimination. Elimination is not permanent and does not incur any additional penalties besides being sent back to the level’s start to try again. Scoring system is TBD, although it is assumed that score will be based on the player’s speed for clearing the level.

For level design, terrain will branch to different paths resulting in different obstacles. A longer path may have fewer obstacles while a shorter one may have more. It is generally acknowledged that the player will be a singular blue rectangle, enemies or traps will be red. The camera will be placed behind the character in the 3rd person perspective.

Forward, backwards and lateral movement will utilize the keyboard’s WASD keys and the spacebar for jumping. Time permitting, the mouse will be used to look around and orient the player in the direction of facing. All controls will be modifiable in the settings.

There will be sound when the player is jumping and moving. There will also be a sound for when the player is eliminated by an enemy or a trap. Background music for atmosphere is likely, although currently undecided.



Instructor's Comments

  • add eMail all to this page
  • need your grade breakdown
  • add link to repo
  • need to improve collision detection code in Frame.cpp to handle segmented planes - store width and depth of plane check with radius of sphere to see if the sphere misses
  • build buildings with boxes and change to buildings after Graphics Primitives class
  • camera work to be done after the initial stage
  • cameras can be attached to objects and translated with respect to their reference frames
  • will use many triangles in creating buildings
  • align building walls with axes for simple collision detection
  • leave sound around corners as a separate task for Tony if he agrees