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Game Name Goes here

Project Marking Percentage

Group work:      50%        (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work: 50% +      (50 <= xx <= 75) 
Total           100%


Repo ID


Trunk Status

committed by [NAME] / being committed by [NAME]

Being committed by Sezar - Oct 09 2012 4:45pm (will take a while!)

committed by Sezar - Oct 09 2012 12:56pm

committed by Caitlin - Oct 10 2012 4:15pm (Basic team branding information in Translation.h)

Team Members

  1. Sezar Gantous
  2. Stephanie Bourque
  3. Santiago Munoz
  4. Moshe Tenenbaum
  5. Dylan Potter
  6. EMail All


The team has decided on a puzzle game. Where the player have to find its way through the maze. It will be in a simple first person view. The rest of the details are listed below.

Min requirements

  • Elapsed time
  • Two difficulties:
Easy: Advanced:
- No timer - Timer
- points/score (ex coins) - points/score (ex coins)
- Life Decreases - Life Decreases
- Have to solve simple puzzle to continue through the maze - Have to solve simple puzzle to continue through the maze
- Easy maze (average time to complete in around 45 seconds) - Challenging maze (average time to complete in around 2 mins)
- Find an item(ex key) before finishing the maze

  • Traps that will:
  -Kill the player(with hint)
  - Start player at the beginning of the maze
  - Slow the player down
  • Boosts/Power Ups that will:
  - Speed the player up (only for advanced)
  - Hint Stone
  - Bonus points
  • Teleport (small radius)

Extras(if time is not an issue)

  • walls close/collapses on player
  • Scary pop ups(Loud noises)
  • Traps that stops player's movement for a certain amount of time
  • Two level maze; Player will start at the bottom maze and make there way to the top maze, which will have pits leading back to the bottom...
  • Score board
  • Mystery Box/ Treasure chest which will contain either beneficial /useful things or harmful/dangerous things



  • Sep 13 2012 11:40am

Map of the World of the Game