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The King of Sled

Enhancement Title : Geometric Heightmapping

Enhancement Description:

This enhancement does make terrain using grey scale image.

A value of grey scale is used for height value of terrain. The white value is the highest height value of terrain, and the black value is the lowest height value.

This is implemented in the geometry shader.

Work load division : Dong hoon Choi is responsible for all of this works. He is going to make all of shader code of heightmapping.


Status: Accepted

Game Title : Earth Defense Force

Game Description:

It is a typical shooting game like Space Invader, but this game is a 3D version. Player moves only left and right, and shoots missile. Enemies come to player, and player has to destroy enemies. Every time player destroys enemies, player gets score.

Heightmapping will be used for background terrain in this game.

Work load division: Dong hoon Choi is responsible for all of the game. He is going to do game design, applying heightmapping, processing of user input.


Status: Declined

Notes: To be able to create a game like this, you would either need physics responses from your height map (not easy to do correctly) or you would need dynamic pathing systems. While the pathing system would be your only viable option (physics is far too complex), it would still require you to have a pathing system built from a height map, which requires a somewhat hefty amount of work. If you can present a plan to be able to tackle these issues in a reasonable amount of time, then I will accept your proposal.


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