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GAM531/Team A

Revision as of 16:19, 7 December 2014 by Justin Sean Wilkin (talk | contribs) (Assigned Tasks)

Group Repository

Team Members

Assigned Tasks

Team Member Task Location
Justin Wilkin Frame Rate Calculator FPS enhancement class located in Graphics/FPS.hpp

Engine.hpp updated to hold pointer to FPS instance:

   FPS* fps;

Engine.cpp updated to initialize FPS:

   //Within Engine<RS>::initialize
   fps = new FPS();

Engine.cpp updated to update FPS calculation:

   //Within Engine<RS>::render
   if (fps) {
Dima Rudeshko Scene Ordering reorderScene() function is located in Managers.cpp file and is called from Engine.cpp right after updateValues()
Davson Wandja LOD Calculator

Lab contribution

Team Member Labs OpenGL
Justin Wilkin 2, 3, 4 8
Dima Rudeshko 1, 5, 7, 10 7, 10
Davson Wandja 6, 8, 9 9