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Status: Approved


Team Members

  1. Arlene Lee
  2. Diao Qiang He
  3. Herman Hum --Not in the team any more.
  4. eMail All


1 Enhancement: Binary resource storage and loading Arlene: Exporter(Convertor)(binary resource storage) Diaoqiang: Importer(binary file loading)

2 OpenGL: Lab7~10 Arlene: Lab7 & 10 Diaoqiang: Lab8 & 9

3 DirectX: Lab1~10 Arlene: Lab6~10 Diaoqiang: Lab1~5

We have done above tasks.

To do list

1 Team name. If have better idea, feel free to change the team name. 2 Team repo. Please set up a repository for the team. 3 Enhancement. If have better idea, feel free to change the team's choice. 4 Tasks. Assign the labs, OpenGL parts, and parts of the enhancement to each team member. 5 Meetings. Settle down how the team members are to contact each other and deal with problems. Meet regularly. 6 Student help time. Take the advantage of it.


1 Old wiki pages;IAHOSHGIREOH

2 On the enhancement (1) Binary resource storage (2) Loading