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(Student List)
(Student List)
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|[[User:Diao Qiang He | Diaoqiang]] ||He|| [[GAM531/DPS931 Sample Team Page |Team Name]] ||GAM531|| [mailto:dqhe1@myseneca.ca?subject=GAM531 dqhe1]
|[[User:Diao Qiang He | Diaoqiang]] ||He|| [[GAM531/DPS931 Sample Team Page |Team Name]] ||GAM531|| [mailto:dqhe1@myseneca.ca?subject=GAM531 dqhe1]
|[[User:Jeremiah Guevarra | Jeremiah]] ||Guevarra|| [[GAM531 Sample Team Page |Team Hide]] ||GAM531|| [mailto:jrguevarra@myseneca.ca?subject=GAM531 jrguevarra]
|[[User:Jeremiah Guevarra | Jeremiah]] ||Guevarra|| [[GAM531 Team Hide|Team Hide]] ||GAM531|| [mailto:jrguevarra@myseneca.ca?subject=GAM531 jrguevarra]

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Game Engine Foundations

GAM531/DPS931 | Weekly Schedule | Student List | Project Requirements | Teams and their Projects | Student Resources

Please add your information to the student list below!

Student List

Insert the following at the end of the table (if you are a student in GAM531/DPS931).

|[[User:WN | FN]] ||LN|| [[PN |GN]] ||SB|| [mailto:ID@myseneca.ca?subject=SB ID]

Replace the following with your own information:

  • WN: Your Wiki User name
  • FN: Your First Name
  • LN: Your Last Name
  • PN: Your Group's Project Page Name on the wiki
  • GN: Your Group name
  • SB: Your Subject (example: GAM531 or DPS931)
  • ID: Your email ID (myseneca id)

GAM531/DPS931 - Student List
First Name Last Name Team Name Subject Seneca Id
JP Hughes Team Name GAM531 jp.hughes
Chris Szalwinski Team Name DPS931 chris.szalwinski
Peter Huang Team Hide GAM531 phuang19
Barry Tulchinsky NA GAM531 btulchinsky
Diaoqiang He Team Name GAM531 dqhe1
Jeremiah Guevarra Team Hide GAM531 jrguevarra