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Project Name

Enhancement of yumcmd Yumcmd Module Func based Func: Fedora Unified Network Controller/Network Automation

Project Code Project Code

Project Description

Project is about enhancement of Func based Packaging control module named 'yumcmd', to be written in python.This module will be able to install and remove packages on remote minions using the yum package manager.

e.g. we can run the following command to install package(s) with this module.

func call yumcmd install <package-name>.

and to remove the package the command would be

func call yumcmd remove <package-name>.

Ofcourse module would be able to install & remove the packages on more than one minion with the single command.

to install or remove the package on all minions in a domain the command would be..

func * call yumcmd install <package-name>.

func * call yumcmd remove <package-name>

There is lot of can be done to make yumcmd more powerful by adding functionality to deal it with groupinstall & groupremove etc.

Project Leader

Varinder Singh

Project Description

Project is extension of func module yumcmd.The yumcmd module is currently able to check updates and update the minions.So more functionality is being added to this mosule e.g. insatll & remove packages.

Project News

November 8th. Create a new func test module named mytest(). Copied new created test module in to /modules directory. Lord is showing newly created module on minion in list of modules. But I am unable access the methods inside the module. Means Not working yet.Trying to find out why.

Nov 8th: Good news! .'sayhello'() method in module is working.

November 10: Method install is added to module but not working yet. Trying ..

December 5th: The release v0.3 has been released. The method install() is working fine outside "func".But having some

issues of Public Key/Signatures issues with in "func".Community is helping to sort out the problem.

January 26th: Version 0.4 is released. Method install() is working with old func module i.e.0.18. But raise error messages with Func 0.24. Link for Project Release 0.4

Project Code Project Code

Feb 13th: Version 0.5 is released. Method install is working on Fedora 10.Bugs has aloso been fixed.Here in link to blog post and project code. Project Code Link for Project Release 0.5

Release Plan

1. Release 0.5 :fixing bugs .i.e Get rid of Unwanted Package installation message for Minions/Lords.Working/Communication with community for fix Bugs

2. Release 0.6: Code for Group Install()

3. Release 0.7. Code for Group Remove ()

4. Release 0.8. Merging with other Modules and Make a One Package Module

5. Release 0.9: