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Func - Users And Groups Module

Maintainer: Katherine Masseau


This module allows for the management of users and groups on minion systems within a Func environment. Tasks such as ensuring the existence of a particular user/group, creating a desired user/group, modifying the properties of a specified user/group, or managing the group memberships of users are within the scope of this module's intended functionality.

At this point in time, the module posesses all functionality intended for the initial public release.



- Implemented register_method_args.

- Added unit tests to


- Password alteration method added.

- Pluralized methods for all applicable singular methods.

- General API cleanup.


- Create, delete, and modify groups.

- Create, delete, and modify users.

- Manage the memberships of users within groups


- Most informational methods are complete and working for both users and groups at this point.


- Initial release, supporting only some informational query messages regarding user accounts on the target system.