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Test Results (peleaning)

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Hardware Info

  • Adapter Description: ATI RADEON HD 5500 Series
  • Vendor ID: 1002
  • Device ID: 68D9
  • Adapter RAM: 1024MB
  • Adapter Drivers: ATI Technologies Inc.
  • Driver Packaging Version 8.762-100803a-103692C-ATI
  • Driver Date: 11/10/2009
  • Direct2D Enabled: Enabled
  • DirectWrite Enabled: Enabled
  • GPU Accelerated Windows: Yes

Firefox Build Info

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100914 Firefox/3.6.10

Chromium Build Info

Chromium 7.0.528.0 (59785)

Test Notes

experiment number Name & URL Tester Date Firefox Performance - Speed Firefox Performance - Smoothness Firefox Performance - Responsiveness Notes and other Details
51 chain-reaction Pete 9/16/2010 The speed was the same in firefox and chrome Compared to Chrome, the movement of the bouncing balls in Firefox was jerky. Responsiveness between the two browsers was the same
52 Javascript 3D Model Viewer Pete 9/16/2010 Firefox performed slower in this experiment No comparison, Chrome's rotation of the wireframe was way smoother, Many times more frames per second. Responsiveness wasn't an issue.
53 many lines Pete 9/16/2010 Firefox and Chrome seemed equal in this experiment - no notable difference in any category x x Neither browser outperformed the other.
54 your world of text Pete 9/16/2010 N/A N/A N/A This experiment simply consisted of a text file that is editable by anyone who launches the application. There's really nothing to say about performance in this one.
55 pocket full of canvas Pete 9/16/2010 In both browsers as the music started there was some choppiness. Firefox didn't seem to be as visually sharp. Equally responsive notes
56 js wars Pete 9/16/2010 Both browers performed the same. Gameplay was smooth on both browsers(not really, but I think that's an issue with the game and not the browsers) Responsiveness was fine This was a side scrolling shooter That just wasn't very much fun. It IS cool that people are making games in HTML5 now though.
57 bert's breakdown Pete 9/16/2010 Both browsers loaded quickly and there were no slowdown issues. Actually, firefox outperformed Chrome on this one. This game had framerate issues in Chrome, and none in firefox. As responsive as this game will let it be. Another not-fun game (no sound?)
58 pop up pong Pete 9/16/2010 Firefox was really agonizingly slow here. This particular game doesn't lend itself well to smooth animation(it manipulates popup windows) so both browsers were a little clunky. Firefox glitched quite a bit here. Sometimes the pop ups would get stuck or not bounce off the paddles. Keyboard controls were unresponsive. This was a PONG game that used pop-up windows as the ball, and both paddles. arrow keys are used to move the popup window. Neat idea.
59 Strange Attraction Pete 9/16/2010  ??? firefox performance firefox responsiveness What the heck is this thing even doing?
60 chain-reaction Pete 9/16/2010 Firefox was super slow. It hit my CPU and RAM HARD, after 4 minutes, the image didn't even look complete. Very slow. Killed my CPU. User input is just a matter of changing settings and hitting a 'GO' button. No responsiveness issues. I used the same settings in both browsers. Basically this experiment takes an image and covers it with colored stamps to make it appear like an impressionist painting. Chrome Completed this task nearly instantly. Firefox Struggled and cried. (sorry...)