Firefox Performance Testing Lab Fall 2010 cwdesautels

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Test Results (cwdesautels)

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Hardware Info

  • Adapter Description: GeForce GTX 480
  • Vendor ID: ?
  • Device ID: ?
  • Adapter RAM: 1536
  • Adapter Drivers: Nvidia Corporation
  • Driver Version:
  • Driver Date: 7/9/2010
  • Direct2D Enabled: Yes
  • DirectWrite Enabled: Yes
  • GPU Accelerated Windows: Yes

Firefox Build Info

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:2.0b7pre) Gecko/20100916 Firefox/4.0b7pre

Chromium Build Info

7.0.528.0 (Developer Build 59753)

Test Notes

Name & URL Tester Date Firefox Performance - Speed Firefox Performance - Smoothness Firefox Performance - Responsiveness Notes and other Details
Boom-Box Carl 9/16/2010 n/a n/a n/a Experiment never loaded
ChromeDrones Carl 9/16/2010 Choppy when creating notes Extremely choppy when creating new notes (gets really bad 8+) Fast Response times Chrome is choppy during creation. However the breakpoint came far quicker in firefox
BallDropping Carl 9/16/2010 slower then Chrome during 'idle' Speed variance really showed itself during max ball drop speed, Chrome maintained more smoothness Very Chrome balls seem to bounce faster during all load levels
Shop Carl 9/16/2010 equal equal very uneventful experiment
Video & Picture Puzzle Carl 9/16/2010 Much slower at spitting out the puzzle windows Very Very Chrome was REALLY slow loading and buffering the video puzzle. Firefox hit that out of the park
Homeostasis Carl 9/16/2010 equal equal very extremely uneventful experiment
Ball Pool Carl 9/16/2010 equal Not quite as smooth as chrome with 50-75% ball saturation very chrome retained fluidity with far more balls
Canopy Carl 9/16/2010 equal equal very mesmerizing experiment
Smalltalk Carl 9/16/2010 equal equal very both browsers performed well, not very stressful
Social Collider Carl 9/16/2010 equal equal very Interesting experiment, didn't seem stressful