Firefox Performance Testing Lab Fall 2010 cldenobrega

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Test Results (cldenobrega)

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Hardware Info

  • Adapter Description: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
  • Vendor ID: 1002
  • Device ID: 9610
  • Adapter RAM: 265 MB
  • Adapter Drivers: atium64.dll,atidxx64.dll,atiumdag,atidxx32,atiumdva,atium6a.cap,atitmm64.dll
  • Driver Version: 8.632.0.0
  • Driver Date: 7/2/2009
  • Direct2D Enabled:
  • DirectWrite Enabled:
  • GPU Accelerated Windows:

Firefox Build Info

Minefield 4.0b7pre

Chromium Build Info

Chromium 7.0.528.0 (59763)

Test Notes

Test # Name & URL Tester Date Firefox Performance - Speed Firefox Performance - Smoothness Firefox Performance - Responsiveness Notes and other Details
101 Multiuser Sketchpad Crystal de Nobrega Sept 17, 2010 Markers showing other users lags slightly. Markers showing other users are choppy. Drawing lines seems smoother in Chromium (barely). Cannot draw large lines quickly, parts of the line go missing. Lines are darker/slightly thicker and large, fast lines seem more consistently drawn in Chromium. Minefield speed and responsiveness are great when actually trying to sketch something (drawing slower, smaller lines); choppiness was not noticed. Couldn't really get the move action to work ([space] + drag).
102 Rotating Spiral Crystal de Nobrega Sept 17, 2010 Slightly slower than Chromium. Very smooth, but freezes for a sec every once in a while. Excellent. Almost like Chromium, save for the infrequent freezing; barely noticed the speed difference.
103 Pschiiit Crystal de Nobrega Sept 17, 2010 Zooming and navigating the canvas are so slow it hurts to watch. Zooming and navigation are choppy. Very choppy. Component, crayon and colour selection are perfect. Minimize button (floating grey box) is slightly slower than, and not as smooth as in Chromium. Zoom and canvas navigation take too long to respond. Zoom and navigation are a mess, but drawing with the paintbrush is equivalent to Chromium - fast, smooth and perfect.
104 Reflections Crystal de Nobrega Sept 17, 2010 Significantly slower than Chromium. Minefield: ~4-16fps Chromium: ~14-50fps Objects were choppy when spinning (gets worse the more polygons the model had). Object rotation is choppy (sometimes freezes). Minefield froze when I tried to adjust the size of the Browser window, then my whole computer froze. CPU usage in Minefield: 51% Chromium: 50%. Response is good as far as selecting models and textures goes. Extremely slow and extremely choppy. This experiment was pretty cool (first two models) until I saw how fast and smooth Chromium could run them...
105 Blob Crystal de Nobrega Sept 17, 2010 Nice. Nice. Nice. Blob seems about equal in Minefield and Chromium. Problems in Minefield when starting the experiment: either the blob wasn't a blob (and the experiment didn't work) or there were some markings at the top of the screen that would disappear as you play.
106 Canvas Cycle Crystal de Nobrega Sept 17, 2010 Usually 1-2 fps behind Chromium. Slower to load up each picture than Chromium. Choppiness extremely noticeable in cycle speed 1/4 and 1/2, but harder to notice at cycle speeds 2 and 4. Zoom: Actual/Max button functions are extremely choppy. Excellent. If I leave an image running in Minefield, the browser will crash. It lasts a little longer if I keep changing images and cycles, but still crashes in the end. The first image doesn't seem to crash Minefield, but the following 4 pictures will. Cycle speed doesn't seem to make it crash any faster or slower.
107 Bezier Sketcher Crystal de Nobrega Sept 17, 2010 Excellent (except when it freezes). Lags and freezes up some times (when manipulating a line to curve). Excellent. Almost equal to Chromium except for the freezing when curving a line (Once you notice it, it starts to get worse).
108 Swirling Tentacles Crystal de Nobrega Sept 17, 2010 - - - -
109 Galactic Inbox Crystal de Nobrega Sept 17, 2010 - - - -
110 Thrust Crystal de Nobrega Sept 17, 2010 - - - -