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Paul St-Denis, Jeff Mossop

  • Go to LXR
  • Access SeaMonkey
  • Search for the label 'Find in This Page...'
  • Found entity called 'findOnCmd.label'
  • Do a search on 'findOnCmd.label'
  • Found menuitem id 'menu_find'
  • Do a search on 'menu_find'
  • Found command 'Browser:Find'
  • Do a search on 'Browser:Find'
  • Found that '/suite/browser/navigatorOverlay.xul' is where the find bar is defined.
  • Did search for the Find command itself inside browser
  • Found nsWebBrowser.cpp line number 579 which returns mDocShellAsItem
  • Backtracked to 'Browser:Find'
  • Found browser.js which contained browser.find
  • Backtracked Did a search to find what happens when 'Ctrl + F' is pressed