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Fedora ARM Meeting 2012 June 13

CDOT Fedora ARM Team - 2012-06-12

Team Issues

Status Updates

Minister's Visit

  • Some discussion, issues brought up
  • Pressed for time

Scotland Storage

  • pvmove / raid build are done
  • need to move boot config to new drives & test

Raspi Update

  • 3.1.9 kernel does not build with gcc 4.7 :-(


  • ctyler *still* needs to get the patch

Staging Koji

  • 1.7 Koji being staged by agreene

Build Farm

  • Issues with filesystem write errors
  • maxam: Find out why write errors are occuring
  • frojoe + fossjon: Improve monitoring
  • frojoe: disable local logging


  • packaged and through review

firstboot and S-C-D

  • modified versions on frojoe's machine
  • frojoe working on root password setting


  • ctyler

Rest of June

  • ctyler away