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Fedora ARM Meeting 2012 August 22

CDOT Fedora ARM Team Meeting 2012-08-22

Jon's Thoughts

  • Release Candidate of RPFR Armv5tel
    • With nortc
    • Possibly Splash
  • armv6l/armv6hf build (Pidora?)
  • Keyboard firstboot module
    • Check module for firstboot priority
  • Talk to Jon Masters/Dj Delorie/Daniel Drake regarding armv6 glibc

Jordan's Thoughts

  • UAC elevation for FAII through WiX
  • APC kernel guys need to send me full kernel without missing drivers
    • Full patchset is ideal
  • Normalize compose
    • Git controlled compose

Andrew's Thoughts

  • Andrew hates
  • Give jordan $50
  • Everybody is doing a good job
  • John comes through in a clutch

Max's Thoughts

  • Finish Trac
  • Compose directories are cleaned up

Fedora Meeting

  • RPFR Updates
    • Making Release Candidates
    • Nortc, firstboot completed
    • Current beta release 16
    • Compose 17 becomes *RPFR17-RC1*
    • Graphical installer is good to go
      • Windows and Linux versions
      • MSI File