Fall 2022 SPO600 Participants

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These are the participants in the SPO600 course during Fall 2022. It will be updated from information submitted through the SPO600 Communication Tools form.

Participant and Project Table

Sortable Table
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# Name Preferred name or nickname Blog URL Seneca LDAP ID
0 Chris Tyler Chris chris.tyler
1 Peter Staley Peter https://staleysen.wordpress.com pstaley
2 Daniel Yip Daniel https://daniellearnsblog.wordpress.com/ dyip3
3 Arman Valaee Asr Arman https://cyancrane.ca/optimization-1 avalaee-asr
4 Mohit Dineshkumar Patel Mohit https://mdpatel31spo600blog.blogspot.com mdpatel31
5 Smit Ashok Gabani Smit https://dev.to/smitgabani sagabani
6 AlanHuang AlanHuang https://alanhuangspo600.blogspot.com/ jhuang240
7 PENGJIAN LIN TIM LIN https://plin23.blogspot.com/ Plin23
8 Yash Padsala Yash https://yashpadsala27.wixsite.com/spo600/blog yppadsala
9 Andrew Martin Andrew https://amartin35.blogspot.com/ amartin35
10 Naziur Rahman khan Naziur https://nkhan170.blogspot.com/ nkhan170
11 Puja Girishkumar Kakani Puja https://blogbypuja.blogspot.com/ pgkakani
12 Nishan Singh Nishan Singh https://nishansinghjhajj.blogspot.com/ nishan-singh1