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(Participant and Project Table)
(Participant and Project Table)
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|17||Scott||Maciver||https://smaciver1.wordpress.com/||https://dev.to/hyporos||bmaleki1 || || || || ||
|17||Scott||Maciver||https://smaciver1.wordpress.com/||https://dev.to/hyporos||bmaleki1 || || || || ||
|18||Rolandos||Georgoulis||https://smaciver1.wordpress.com/||https://dev.to/hyporos||bmaleki1 || || || || ||
|18||Rolandos||Georgoulis||https://rolandosprog.wordpress.com/||https://dev.to/hyporos||bmaleki1 || || || || ||

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These are the participants in the SPO600 course during Fall 2021.

Participant and Project Table

Sortable Table
Click on the arrow icon in any column to sort by that column.
# First Name Surname Preferred name or nickname Blog URL Seneca LDAP ID Role and Program
e.g., CTY Student
Project Alternate Project Notes Regarding Projects Marks Review Requested
00 Chris Tyler Chris chris.tyler Professor
01 Joseph Chan Joseph https://jchanprogramming.wordpress.com/ jchan201 CPAC Student
02 Michael Brackett Michael https://dev.to/mljbrackett mbrackett CPAC Student
03 Elen s Elen https://loran.hashnode.dev/ CPAC Student
04 Andrew Qin Andrew https://dev.to/mundanemonday aqin1 CPA Student
05 Chia-Hsin Wei Joyce https://dev.to/joycew414 cwei24 CPAC Student
06 Tuan Tuan Thanh Tan https://dev.to/tuanthanh2067 tttan CPAC Student
07 Artem Meleshchenko Artem https://artemspo600blog.wordpress.com/ ameleshchenko CPAC Student
08 Yasuaki Toyoda Yasuaki https://yasuakitoyoda.wordpress.com/ ytoyoda CPA Student
09 Thanh Van Thanh https://dev.to/tcvan0707 tcvan CPAC Student
10 Qiwen Yu Wen https://dev.to/qiwenyu qyu39 CPAC Student
11 Duc Bui Manh Chris https://medium.com/@manhducdkcb dbui-manh
12 Qiuyu Zhang Qiuyu https://dev.to/qzhang125 qzhang125
13 John Huynh John https://loreweaverbg.wordpress.com/ jhhuynh1
14 Gerardo Enrique Arriaga Rendon Jerry https://dev.to/jerryhue gearriaga-rendon
15 Minh To Minh https://medium.com/@minhqto3 qto
16 Brian Maleki Brian https://dev.to/hyporos bmaleki1
17 Scott Maciver https://smaciver1.wordpress.com/ https://dev.to/hyporos bmaleki1
18 Rolandos Georgoulis https://rolandosprog.wordpress.com/ https://dev.to/hyporos bmaleki1

Column definitions

  • # - Sequential line number
  • First Name - Your first name, linked to your Wiki profile page
  • Last Name - Your surname
  • Preferred name / nickname - The name you like to be called (this might be the same as your first name, or different)
  • Seneca LDAP Id - Your Seneca LDAP identifier, used for your Seneca email account, student record access, computer login, server accounts, and so forth.
  • Role and Program - Professor, CTY Student, CTYC Student, IFS Student, CDOT Researcher, etc.

Leave these fields blank to start:

  • Project - Link to your first SPO600 software package wiki page. Leave blank if you have not selected your SPO600 projects yet.
  • Notes Regarding Project - Any comments you have about your project selection.
  • Project Approval - Initialed by your professor when your project selection is approved; may also contain a note about comments on the Talk page.

Instructions - Participant Information

Please add your name and Seneca LDAP ID as soon as possible. Link your name to your Wiki user page, and introduce yourself on that page.

Instructions - Marks Review

To request a review of your marks, please: (1) Put an entry in the "Marks Review Requested" column with the appropriate keyword(s): Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec to request a review of the blog marks for the corresponding month, or 1/2/3 to request a review of the corresponding project stage. (2) Send me an email with the details.