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(Participant and Project Table)
(Participant and Project Table)
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|29||[[User:dleung25|Derrick Leung]] || https://derrickwhleung.wordpress.com/ ||  || dleung25|| Student ||  || || || ||
|29||[[User:dleung25|Derrick Leung]] || https://derrickwhleung.wordpress.com/ ||  || dleung25|| Student ||  || || || ||
|30||[[User:shawn_comet|Shawn Pang]] || https://shawnblog471859142.wordpress.com/ ||  || shawn_comet|| Student ||  || || || ||

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These are the participants in the SPO600 course during Fall 2017.

Participant and Project Table

Sortable Table
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# Name Blog URL IRC Nick Seneca LDAP ID Role Project 1 Project 2 Alternate Projects Notes Regarding Projects Project Approval
00 Chris Tyler http://blog.chris.tylers.info/ ctyler chris.tyler Professor strlen(), strnlen()
01 Matthew Marangoni https://marangonim.blogspot.ca/ mmarangoni1 CPAC Student
02 Henrique Salvadori Coelho http://hcoelho.com/blog hsalvadoricoelho Student
03 Sofia Ngo-Trong https://sofiangotrong.wordpress.com/ xngo-trong Student
04 Oleh Hodovaniuk https://ohodovaniuk.wordpress.com/ ohodovaniuk Student
05 Chun Sing Lam https://chunsinglam.wordpress.com/ cslam4 Student
06 Jiyoung Bae https://jybaeblog.wordpress.com/ jbae18 Student
07 Aaron Brooks Patola https://bpatola.wordpress.com/ abpatola Student
08 Justin Gordon https://joof.me/wordpress/ jkhgordon Student
09 Eric Ferguson http://eric-spo600.blogspot.ca/ egferguson Student
10 Olga Belavina http://belavina.me/ obelavina Student
11 Marco Beltempo http://blog.marcobeltempo.com/ mabeltempo Student
12 Geoff McCollam https://geoffmccollam.wordpress.com/ gmccollam Student
13 Ibrahim Ahmed https://iahmed37.wordpress.com/ iahmed37 Student
14 Kelvin Cho https://klvincho.wordpress.com/ kcho18 Student
15 José Aderbal Aragão Filho https://jose-spo600.blogspot.ca/ jaaragao-filho Student
16 John Nguyen https://jnguyen36blog.wordpress.com/ jnguyen36 Student
17 Azusa Shimazaki https://assmith2017.blogspot.ca/ ashimazaki Student
18 Ronen Agarunov https://ron-spo.blogspot.ca/ ragarunov Student
19 Lucas Verbeke https://thelucasexcerpt.wordpress.com laverbeke1 Student
20 Orlandson Asturiano https://spo660orlandsonasturiano.wordpress.com oasturiano1 Student
21 Shaun Richardson https://srichardson6blog.wordpress.com srichardson6 Student
22 Pablo Calderon https://pabinski.wordpress.com pecalderon Student
22 Parmjot Sabharwal https://pssabharwal.wordpress.com pssabharwal CPA Student
23 Joshua Cartujano https://spo600joshua.wordpress.com jcartujano Student
24 Johann Aleman https://jalemansite.wordpress.com/ jcaleman Student
25 Evgeni Kolev https://ekolevblog.wordpress.com/ ekolev Student
26 Guan Huei Kuo https://ghkuo.wordpress.com/ ghkuo Student
27 Saeed Mohiti https://smohiti.wordpress.com/ msmohiti Student
28 Matthew Welke https://mswelke.wordpress.com/ mwelke Student
29 Derrick Leung https://derrickwhleung.wordpress.com/ dleung25 Student
30 Shawn Pang https://shawnblog471859142.wordpress.com/ shawn_comet Student
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Column definitions

  • # - Sequential line number
  • Name - Your full name, linked to your wiki user profile page (please place contact information there).
  • IRC Nick(s) - Your nicks (nicknames) as used on IRC. Leave this blank if you're not using IRC yet.
  • Seneca LDAP Id - Your Seneca LDAP identifier, used for your Seneca email account, student record access, computer login, server accounts, and so forth.
  • Role - Professor, CTY Student, CTYC Student, IFS Student, CDOT Researcher, etc.
  • Project 1 - Link to your first SPO600 software package wiki page. Leave blank if you have not selected your SPO600 projects yet.
  • Project 2 - Link to your second SPO600 software package wiki page. Leave blank if you have not selected your SPO600 projects yet.
  • Alternate Projects - Projects you are interested in doing if your selected project is not approved.
  • Notes Regarding Project - Any comments you have about your project selection.
  • Project Approval - Initialed by your professor when your project selection is approved; may also contain a note about comments on the Talk page.

Instructions - Participant Information

Please add your name, IRC nick, and Seneca LDAP ID as soon as possible. Link your name to your Wiki user page.

Instructions - Project Selection

  • TBA