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|Cathy Leung
|Cathy Leung
|Salty Chicken Wings
|Salty Chicken Wings and a vegan mapo tofu
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Welcome to the Fall 2017 Putluck Signup Sheet! Please enter your name and the dish you'll be bringing in the table below.

As a reminder: The potluck is Monday, December 18 at 3:30pm in T1009. Please sign up with your dish ASAP!

Potluck Dishes

Name Dish Dish attributes ... vegetarian/gluten-free/nut-free/??? I am... (food sensitivities and preferences, such as vegetarian/gluten-sensitive/nut-sensitive/...)
Cathy Leung Salty Chicken Wings and a vegan mapo tofu -
Chris Tyler Taco salad (tentative?) Will have vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions Insensitive!
Lucas Blotta Brigadeiro Brazilian candy made of condensed milk and chocolate
Oleksandr Zhurbenko 2 types of stuffed fish (Salmon and Turbot) and Crab Salad
Karan Randhawa Veggie samosas & Chicken Biryani Chicken blended with flavored, steam-cooked rice On a vegetarian diet for now
Timothy Moy Sheppards Pie
Olga Belavina Apple Tart, Orange Juice