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| -flive-range-shrinkage|| || || ||
| -flive-range-shrinkage|| || || ||
| -floop-block|| || || ||
| -floop-block|| DmytroYegorov || || ||
| -floop-interchange|| || || ||
| -floop-interchange|| Dmytro Yegorov || || ||
| -floop-strip-mine|| || || ||
| -floop-strip-mine|| || || ||

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  1. Select two unrelated compiler options, below, by placing your name in the "Student" column (first come, first served - one student per topic).
  2. During week 3, research the topics and prepare a 3- to 5-minute presentation to teach the class.
  3. Be prepared to teach this presentation during week 4. You may want to draw whiteboard diagrams, use presentation slides, or have a 1-page handout. Please avoid taking more than 5 minutes in total for your presentation.


  • Topic selection: 1:30 pm, Tuesday, September 22 (End of the scheduled Tuesday class in Week 3)
  • Presentation ready: 11:40 am, Tuesday, September 29 (You must be prepared to present before the scheduled Tuesday class in Week 4)


  • Q: How much detail should the presentation include?
    • A: Each of these topics is pretty small and straightforward. Provide some type of resource for future reference -- a link to an existing web resource, a 1-page handout, or a blog post or wiki page about the topic. Your presentation should include:
      1. The Option: The compiler option as described in the gcc documentation - What it is and why it is provided.
      2. The Impact: Write and compile code that is impacted by this particular compiler option. Identify the characteristics that must be present in the source code in order to benefit from this compiler option (for example: double-precision math, use of arrays, pointer math). Describe the effect of the option on performance, code size, and code readability. If there are any problems or dangers with this option, identify them.
      3. Recommendation: Make a recommendation on when this compiler option should be used and when it should not be used.
  • Q: How will this be marked?
    • A: In week 4, I will ask you to write a short blog post summarizing your presentation.
  • Q: Can we work with others preparing our topic?
    • A: Yes. In many cases, one topic is complimentary to another topic, and it would be great if you coordinated on your presentations.
  • Q: Are there any classes scheduled during Week 3?
    • A: No. Your professor will be at Linaro Connect. However, the classroom is reserved for our use, and you're welcome to use it to discuss your presentation ideas with classmates.


Compiler Option Presenter Name (Leave blank) Links to resources (Wiki page, handout, web resources) Link to blog post on this topic
-fassociative-math Kevin Paiva
-fcompare-elim Kevin Paiva
-fcse-skip-blocks Joseph Jaku
-fdce Joseph Jaku
-fdelete-null-pointer-checks Joel Aro GCC Optimize Options
-fdevirtualize Suk-Joong Han https://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc/Optimize-Options.html
-ffast-math Miguel Dizon https://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/FloatingPointMath
-finline-functions Kirill Lepetinskiy GCC Docs Blog Post
-finline-small-functions Yehoshua Ghitis
-floop-block DmytroYegorov
-floop-interchange Dmytro Yegorov
-fmerge-constants James Shin
-fmove-loop-invariants Gaurav Patel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loop-invariant_code_motion
-fno-inline Donald Nguyen
-fno-signed-zeros Suk-Joong Han https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signed_zero
-fpeel-loops James Shin
-fprefetch-loop-arrays Jayme Laso-Barros
-fprofile-use Ramanan Manokaran
-freorder-blocks Ramanan Manokaran
-freorder-functions Jayme Laso-Barros
-fselective-scheduling / -fselective-scheduling-2
-fsel-sched-pipelining / -fsel-sched-pipelining-outer-loops
-fsplit-wide-types Shirwa Egal
-fstack-protector / -fstack-protector-all / -fstack-protector-strong
-ftree-dce Gaurav Patel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_code_elimination
-ftree-dse Shirwa Egal
-ftree-loop-if-convert Donald Nguyen
-ftree-loop-if-convert-stores Kirill Lepetinskiy GCC Docs On CMOV Blog Post
-ftree-loop-distribution Nitish Bajaj
-ftree-vrp Nitish Bajaj
-funroll-all-loops Yehoshua Ghitis
-funroll-loops Joel Aro Loop Unrolling
-funswitch-loops Miguel Dizon